Still plenty to do to help homeless across Greater Manchester says Bolton-based charity

With winter fast approaching, and homelessness on the increase, Mancunian Matters asked the question, what is being done to improve their lives?

Every day people are seen sleeping in doorways, at entrances to shopping complexes and begging for money from passers-by. Living this way is clearly distressing and not a pleasant way of life.

Ben Ahern of the charity group Homeless Aid UK, which is based in Bolton, but covers areas including Manchester city centre has been working with homeless people for many years. 

It focuses on aiding the homeless people and trying to give them the best life possible while they have no home to live in.

Mr Ahern said: “The growth of homeless people in Manchester has risen from 50 to 200 homeless people, while in Bolton, there is now 25 homeless people.”

The charity provides food and clothing for those living on the street with over 100 volunteers working to improve lives while being in their full-time jobs.

Winter is a particularly hard time and the charity and Council monitor temperatures.  If they go below -2 degrees, accommodation has to be found. 

Mr Ahern added: “We work with the council in trying to get them a place so while they are on the street we feed and provide clothes for them.”

Manchester City player Vincent Kompany has pledged his time and money to the cause of homelessness in Manchester, working alongside Andy Burnham, MP to eradicate people living on the street with a focus on housing those in need during the cold winter months.

Burnham said: “We are going to set ourselves the goal of ending rough sleeping here over the coming winter.”

Homelessness is a serious issue in the UK with many having no roof over their heads when the treacherous cold weather arrives which is why it is important give these people support, somewhere to stay, clothing and bedding like many charities do in the region.

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