General Election 2019: Meet the Blackley and Broughton candidates

A Labour stronghold since 2010, Blackley and Broughton is a parliamentary constituency located to the north of the city of Manchester.

This article was updated on December 10.

It had an electorate of 71,648 as of the 2017 general election, when a 56% turnout voted Labour’s Graham Stringer into the seat with a 70.4% share of the vote.

The Conservatives took the second biggest share of the vote at 21.6%. In the EU Referendum, the constituency voted to leave by a very marginal amount – 50.04% to 49.96%.

The 12 December 2019 general election candidates are as follows:

James Edward Buckley – Brexit Party

It will be the first time the Brexit Party has put an MP forward for the Blackley and Broughton seat, which is a narrowly ‘leave’ constituency. UKIP have beaten both the Conservatives and Lib Dems in the area in the past, proving a non-Labour/Conservative candidate can do well here.

Alexander Victor Elias – Conservative Party

Alexander Victor Elias has taken the candidacy for the Conservative Party in Blackley and Broughton after David Goss in 2017.

Iain Donaldson – Liberal Democrats

Donaldson has identified safe streets and youth support as a target issue and has expressed support for plans to double spending on youth services in Manchester and Salford to over £10 million in order to tackle rising levels of knife crime.

David Jones – Green Party

David Jones will be standing for the Green Party in Blackley and Broughton for the third time since 2015. He is an environmental scientist, and has been a member of the Green Party since 2012.

Graham Stringer – Labour Party

Graham Stringer has held the Blackley and Broughton seat for Labour since 2010 and has been a member of parliament since 1997. He voted leave in the Brexit referendum.

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