LEAVE triumphs: The UK votes to ditch the EU after historic vote

The UK is officially OUT of the EU after a Brexit vote caused shockwaves across the world.

The country voted 51.9% to 48.1% to leave the European political block after many analysts had predicted a comfortable Remain victory.

A Brexit vote became increasingly possible as the night wore on and by 4am – with over half of the local areas having announced their result – bookmakers put Leave as overwhelming favourites at 1/4.

The turnout was even higher than expected with 72% of eligible voters putting their cross in the box.

Manchester voted IN with 60% of the vote in contrast to the northwest as a whole which had a majority of 53% to leave.

Steven Woolfe, UKIP MEP for the northwest of England said: “I am incredibly proud of the resilience of the British people.

“They were faced with tactics by remain which were designed to make them feel frightened that their country wasn’t good enough, that they were too small, too inferior and not talented enough to be able to survive.

“They’ve shown tonight that they matter more than politicians.”

The decision may lead to a major constitutional crisis in the north of the isle too as Scotland emphatically announced it wanted to stay in the EU with 62%.

Just as colossal though, Northern Ireland also voted to stay in the EU with Sinn Fein stating the northern part of Ireland has been dragged out against its will.

Lisa Nandy, Remain campaigner and Labour MP for Wigan said: “I think a lot of people felt that the debate had been far too dominated by the Conservative party and that the voices and concerns of ordinary working people were crowded out by the national debate.

“I think there was a real sense of anger about that…and people wanted to be heard.”

“It has become very clear that the country is divided on some fundamental questions about our future.

“It’s now the job of all political leaders – not just the current government – to try and heal the country and negotiate what the country looks like outside the EU.”

The effect of this monumental decision will only begin to come clear in the coming weeks, months and years but one thing is clear: Britain as it stands, will go it alone.

Image courtesy of slimmer_jimmer, with thanks.

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