‘The NHS should grow their own cannabis’: Stockport campaigner’s ‘potty’ plan

A prominent cannabis campaigner from Stockport has called on the NHS to GROW their own cannabis in a bid to save money on pharmaceutical drugs.

Colin Davies says he is continuing to lead a revolution on restrictive laws, which he claims are preventing terminally ill people from accessing treatment that could save them.

The 57-year-old, who famously once handed the Queen a bouquet of cannabis leaves, is keen to push a debate on the subject, and has been campaigning on the streets of Manchester in an effort to educate people on the health benefits and dangers of cannabis.

Last week he brought a six-foot cannabis plant to Piccadilly Gardens in a bid to highlight the drug’s medicinal qualities, and he intends to continue his campaign on Market Street this Saturday.

He said: “Let’s deal with this problem instead of pretending it’s not there. There are kids on the streets, and all they need to get access to cannabis is money.

“The demand for cannabis is huge. With a regulated, taxed supply chain, Manchester can lead the way to a safer way; a new way.

“Leaving cannabis in the black market is criminal itself.”

The cannabis crusader has calculated that if the drug was regulated safely, the revenue could amount to over £160 million a year in Manchester alone.

This could create huge opportunities for investment, tourism and employment.

Most Mancunians seem to be overwhelmingly in favour of this, and over 80% of people MM surveyed said they believed cannabis should be decriminalised.

Cannabis is classed as a schedule 1 drug, but Colin hopes to see it changed to schedule 4, which would allow it to be prescribed for personal use.

He currently runs the The Medical Marijuana Co-Operative, which is providing medicinal cannabis to a number of people in Manchester.

Colin says many of these people are suffering from cancer so severe that they have been ‘written off by the Christie’, and claims that medicinal marijuana has given them the help they desperately need.

It has also been claimed that his cannabis oil has helped many chemotherapy patients to ‘regain their appetite’ and has dramatically improved their health.

He added: “The NHS could grow it in-house to save money on pharmaceutical drugs.

“The Government have shares in the pharmaceutical industry which is why they’re not willing to engage in the debate around medicinal cannabis.

“Current scientific evidence shows that it is effective in treating a wide variety of illnesses but the current laws are stopping this from happening.”

Cannabis remains an illegal drug and possession of it is punishable by up to five years in prison, but public opinion on the drug does seem to be changing.

A petition to legalise cannabis recently gained over 125,000 signatures in just five days, and the debate is due to be raised in Parliament on 12 October.

For more information on The Medical Marijuana Co-Operative, visit or contact Colin Davies on [email protected].

Image courtesy of Johnny Dope, via YouTube, with thanks.

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