A photo of Stevenson Square, where mistakenly painted bus stops have been painted over

Councillor criticises “absurd mistake” after Northern Quarter bus stop markings painted in error

A Manchester councillor has criticised an “absurd mistake” in which bus stop markings were painted on pedestrianised Stevenson Square on Monday – only to be painted over again on Tuesday.

Sharing a screenshot of an Instagram story showing the markings on Monday, Piccadilly ward councillor Jon-Connor Lyons tweeted:

“No, the 75% pedestrianised parts of Stevenson Square are not reopening to buses. It appears either @OfficialTFGM or @ManCityCouncil have made an error.”

The markings were removed the following day, with Cllr. Lyons calling the mistake a “gross waste of taxpayers’ money”.

Speaking to Mancunian Matters, he said: “The Square is not being de-pedestrianised in any way, shape or form.

“Unfortunately, a mistake was made within the Highways Department about repainting some old lines for old loading bays, parking bays and bus stops.

“This has today been rectified.”

Addressing the cost of this error, Cllr. Lyons said: “I have lodged a formal complaint regarding the wastage of taxpayers’ money and I will be seeking to ensure this money is recovered or not committed to the mistake.”

Manchester residents took to social media to voice their frustration with the error, with user Harry Gray tweeting: “Nice waste of council tax payers money” alongside a thumbs-up emoji and a photo of the repainted street.

A quarter of Stevenson Square reopened to buses, blue badge holders and taxis at the beginning of the year after Stagecoach and Go North West threatened legal action, Cllr. Lyons said.

“This legal action threatened the whole square being pedestrianised and unfortunately the buses had to be allowed through in order to stop this and potentially see the whole scheme fall through.

“This of course has nothing to do with the events that unfolded yesterday afternoon with the repainting of old lines.”

Residents had feared the repainted bus lanes would mean further erosion of the popular vehicle-free space, but the U-turn means the space will for now remain bus-free.

Photo: Harry Gray

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