Walk of Hope: Healthcare assistant at The Christie raises awareness of her partner’s extremely rare form of cancer

A senior healthcare assistant at The Christie in Withington is fundraising for the hospital in support of her partner, who is receiving cutting-edge cancer treatment there.

Hayley Legge will take part in the Walk of Hope this Saturday to raise funds and awareness after her partner Adam Myers developed an incredibly rare form of cancer.

The Walk of Hope invites friends and families to walk 10km through the grounds of Tatton Park each year in solidarity with past and present cancer patients.

Last year at the age of just 29, Adam Myers was diagnosed with Succinate Dehydrogenase (SDH)-deficient renal cell carcinoma, a highly aggressive condition that has only been reported by a small number of people worldwide.

Didsbury couple Hayley and Adam

After experiencing excruciating pain and shortness of breath, medical tests revealed cancer in Adam’s lungs, bones, and kidney. As the first patient with this variety of cancer to be treated at The Christie, Adam’s medical team were challenged with designing a new treatment plan with very limited information.

Thanks to the work of oncologist Dr Manon Pillai and her team, Adam’s condition has since improved dramatically. Within three weeks of starting immunotherapy treatment, he was able to walk around the hospital independently, and one year on from his diagnosis has even returned to regular exercise.

Walk of Hope

Adam said: “I take medication every day and immunotherapy treatment every six weeks, which I will do forever to control the cancer. Initially I completely lost the ability to walk, but now I go swimming regularly and can walk for miles.

“From a fitness point of view, I’ve been putting weight back on and I’m back to where I was before the cancer was detected.”

Not only has Adam’s miraculous recovery brought comfort to his family, but it will also act as a powerful story of hope for patients in similar circumstances.

Dr Manon Pillai explained: “Adam’s treatment journey to date is very encouraging and will provide valuable insights on how to treat this rare cancer for others in the future.”

Hayley’s work at The Christie has enabled her to be at Adam’s side throughout his treatment.

She said: “The Christie has been amazing! I have good relations with the doctors here, who have all been so kind and helpful.”

Now, Hayley is keen to return her support to the hospital that has offered a lifeline to her family.

She said: “Adam has learnt to walk again and is doing well now so I felt like I wanted to give a little back which is why I decided to take part in The Walk of Hope, along with Adam’s sister Kayla, who is also fundraising for The Christie Charity with me.”

Those who wish to contribute to Hayley’s fundraising campaign can do so here.

Feature image: (left to right) Hayley Legge, Adam Myers, and Kayla Myers

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