Stolen puppies worth £14,000 anonymously returned to Preston family

A litter of seven valuable puppies worth £14,000 has been anonymously returned to a family in Preston after they were stolen just two days prior.

A mother of three, who does not wish to be named, said that the two-week-old French bulldog puppies – worth £2,000 each due to their blue fur colour – were stolen from her home on October 22.

She discovered that the litter had been returned to her doorstep after hearing them in the early hours of the morning two days later.

The owner of the litter said: “It was upsetting. My kids were devastated … and when [the puppies] came back, I know it’s not Christmas but it felt like a Christmas miracle.

“My heart was pounding. I turned to my partner and I said ‘is this actually happening?’ We both couldn’t believe it.”

The puppies were described as freezing with pneumonia-like symptoms when they were returned, and were administered oxygen at a local vet shortly after.

The owner told MM that the puppies are now recovering, although she is keeping a close eye on their condition.

A police investigation into the identity of the thief is ongoing, though the puppies’ owner claims that the litter’s safe return was due to pressure from local media and social network sites.

“I know they’ve brought them back but I don’t think it justifies what they’ve done. I just think they’ve got scared because of the media and everyone that’s chipped in and done something,” the owner said.

“I think if they don’t get caught, they’ll do it again.

“Taking puppies is one thing, but knowing that children are in the house is another,” she explained.

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