Beyoncé entourage chow down on whopping £700 McDonald’s order after Mrs Carter tour in Manchester

Beyoncé’s entourage relaxed after their high-octane Mrs Carter world tour performance and chowed down on a whopping £700-worth of fast food from a Manchester branch of McDonald’s.

The exhausted performers scoffed 50 portions of large fries, 22 boxes of Chicken McNuggets and 26 Big Macs aboard the 11 tour buses that took them back to their hotel after the hugely-lauded Manchester gig

Helen Nugent, editor of Northern Soul website, popped into the Bury New Road branch on the way home for the theatre for a post-show snack where she discovered the mammoth order had been made.

She told MM: “I’d stopped off on my way home from the theatre to buy a cheeseburger at McDonald’s as I was feeling peckish.

“The lovely girl at the till looked a bit shell-shocked and I soon found out why – she told me ‘Oh my god, I’ve just done an order for £700 for Beyonce’s 11 tour buses’.

“She then went on to tell me ‘I made 50 portions of large fries and 22 boxes of Chicken McNuggets. 22! And 26 Big Macs! There are a lot of dancers on her tour, you’d think they eat healthily. Mind you, they did order a lot of salad’.

“I felt a bit of a twit after that, just asking for a solitary cheeseburger.”

The dancers may well stick to a healthy-eating regimen for the vast majority of the time, but given that they’d just twerked, body popped and strutted their stuff for two hours solidly with pop deity Queen Bey perhaps they could be forgiven for one little midnight takeaway craving?

McDonald’s declined to comment on the visit.

Were you there to see the burger extravaganza? Or did you happen to be one of those serving Beyonce’s crew? Get in touch with us here.

Picture courtesy of skw234567 via Flickr, with thanks

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