Why smart buyers choose second hand cars

Whether you’re looking to upgrade or investing in your very first vehicle, it’s definitely worth giving a pre-owned car some consideration.

The second hand car market has grown in recent years as more and more customers are choosing pre-owned vehicles that can be purchased from reputable dealerships.

The outdated idea that all second hand car dealers are slightly shady is disappearing, as used vehicles prove themselves to be a reliable and high quality investment.

The Cost-Effective Solution

A second hand car is the perfect option if you’re interested in upgrading your vehicle, but remain on a tight budget.

If you buy pre-owned, you’re guaranteed to be able to afford a much more expensive model of car than if you purchase a new vehicle.

The difference in price is due to the speedy depreciation of cars. A vehicle loses a large chunk of its value in the first three years of ownership, starting from the moment the initial owner drives it away from the dealer’s lot.

This is great news for those looking to purchase second hand, as they can guarantee a high quality vehicle in excellent condition, that’s between three and five years old and at a vastly reduced price.

New cars are always improving in terms of safety and efficiency and this is also true of used cars.

There’s no reason to settle for anything less than quality and reliability when choosing a pre-owned vehicle.

Impact on Insurance

Choosing a second hand car guarantees you a lower insurance premium, no matter what kind of make or model you’re interested in.

It’s always good to know that you could save on your car insurance, and this often ends up being the deciding factor when customers are deciding whether to buy new or used. 

The Extras

The money that you’ve saved on the cost of the car itself and on your insurance premium can be used to equip your second hand vehicle with all the latest technological additions.

It doesn’t matter if the car doesn’t come with all the features you’ve been coveting, because you’ll have the money to add them later.

If you’re considering buying a pre-owned vehicle, you can it securely by following a few common sense strategies, as detailed by the Citizen’s Advice Bureau.

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Picture courtesy of Henry Figueroa, with thanks.

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