‘It’s deeper than just being intoxicated’: Islington Mill to host event celebrating the ritual of going clubbing

A one-off event will combine a club night with live performance art to celebrate the ‘modern ritual of going out’.

Rite will transform Salford’s Islington Mill into a maze of installations, stalls and interactive art  all based around the theme of rituals.

Organisers of the event put out an open call to local artists of any discipline and received a diverse range of proposals for the evening.

“I think there’s a need for a night to be really special and not something that you aim to forget,” Rite organiser May McQuade told MM.

“Something you can really have an experience in that’s deeper than just being intoxicated and forgetting who you’re with.

“It’s about enjoying the ritual that we all do of going out at the weekend.”

May, a dancer who works with ex-offenders, said that the variety on offer at Rite will make it unlike any other event in the city.

Attendees will be welcomed to explore the space at their own speed, pausing to enjoy performances.

“People might have their fortune told in the corner and then move round to watching a film but this will all be punctuated with a few live performances that will control the whole space,” she said.

“Then it will go back to this very explorative almost summer fair type thing.”

The event, which will go on until five in the morning, will see more DJs take to the decks as the night goes on.

Sets of afrobeat, soul, kwaito, dub, hip hop and jungle are expected to be played for the crowd.

“It’s going to be quite experimental, we’re not going to offer the usual summer vibes of reggae, it’s going to be a lot more African sounds and rhythms,” said May.

“A lot of the musicians that will be there on the night are also looking into jamming with DJs.”

The organiser said that it was important to her to create an inclusive night that anyone could enjoy.

“We’re creating a safe space, it’s not one of those club nights where you feel you’ve got to be a certain way, look a certain way or dress a certain way – we want a really expressive, open and accepting atmosphere.

“It can be a soft personal experience of talking about your future to really wild drum solos and getting the chance to dance and let your hair down.”

Rite will be held at Islington Mill on June 10.

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