Broke: Delays in Salford Uni loans cause outrage as corrupted data file leaves students struggling to pay bills

By Sarah Hodgson

Salford students who expected to see their much-needed loans nestled comfortably in their bank accounts yesterday were outraged as delays with payment mean that many uni-goers could be left with no money for another week.

The loan payments were expected to be paid into students’ bank accounts yesterday but many students failed to receive the much-needed finance due to a corrupted data file.

The Student Loans Company will only release payment once students register and the university confirm their attendance.

A Salford University spokeswoman said: “Students who registered with the University on or before September 10 have experienced a delay in receiving their student loans.

“This is because of a corrupted data file which was sent to the Student Loans Company. However, the information has been re-sent and payments can be expected during the next three to five working days.

“We are very sorry for any hardship caused and have worked hard to rectify the problem.”

Several students have slammed the university for how they have handled the finance problem describing communication as ‘dreadful’.

Ryan Deane, 20, a third year professional sound and video technology student, told MM: “The communication has been dreadful – I’ve contacted two email addresses that I was given and I have also contacted my programme leader and I only received an automated response. It has not been well managed at all”

He says that he is worried about the impact the late payment will have on his finances with rent, car insurance and other bills as well as travel costs to university.

He added: “I still don’t know what’s happening so I’m, going to have to cancel my direct debits.

“I’ve been out of work recently due to illness so I was relying on the loan for day to day university costs.”

Even those students that do work to support their lifestyle are concerned that they too will struggle to pay their bills.

Leasha Waddingham, 19, a second year TV and Radio Student, said: “I am struggling and I have a job, the point is you expect it on a day that is set and because of the university it’s messed up – luckily my rent isn’t due – but I have no money until my loan comes.”

She says that she knows lots of people studying at the university that are in the same predicament with some of her friends having only 39 pence in their bank accounts.

The Student Loans Company told MM that their records show approximately 90% of students at Salford University have now registered and their payments which were scheduled for yesterday have now been released.

A spokesman said: “Around 1100 students studying at Salford University have still to return their online declaration to SLC and their funds cannot be released until the declaration has been received.”

Students at Salford University that have been affected by the problem can contact Student Life on 0161 295 0023 to determine eligibility for a short-term loan if they do not have access to any other funds.

Picture courtesy of NoHoDamon via Flickr, with thanks.

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