If you need your faith restoring: Stretford schoolgirls donate cash they found to RSPCA ‘to help the animals’

Exclusive by Katie Moore

Three kind-hearted year six pupils from Stretford who found a £10 note on the grounds near their school donated it to the RSPCA Manchester & Salford.

Maisie Flood, Lois Hadfield and Millie Talmage from Barton Clough Primary donated the money with one thanking the branch after her family adopted a cat from the RSPCA.

They first took the money to their headteacher, Ryan Chrysler, who told them they could share the find if nobody came forward to claim it.

But they decided there might be others – of the four-legged variety – who needed it more, and sent the money to the RSPCA.

They enclosed a letter which read: “We all wish you the best of luck in helping all those animals in need of us!”

They also thanked the RSPCA for a beloved cat that one of the girls had adopted some years earlier, which sadly passed away this year.

Susie Hughes, the branch manager, was delighted by the girls’ generosity.

She said: “It was such a lovely letter to receive. It is so heart-warming and restores your faith.

“After all, these children represent our future and you cannot help but feel positive about it with acts of kindness like that.”

A picture of the letter was posted on the RSPCA Manchester & Salford Branch Facebook page, causing many people to praise the girls’ kindness.

One commenter describes it as ‘a great example of goodwill in the community’.

Mr Chrysler said of his pupils’ good deed: “This is a lovely, thoughtful act of generosity that should be shared! We are very proud of them.”

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