Manchester neo-nazis take to city’s streets for White Pride Worldwide Day

A neo-nazi rally will be taking place in Manchester city centre to mark ‘White Pride Worldwide Day’ tomorrow.

A ‘buffet’ will also be available along with live music, a raffle and a ‘nationalist disco’.

A ‘White Advocacy Movement Member’, who refers to himself as White Fox (@ThatFoxyShadow) on Twitter, said: “The event is being held for White people to celebrate pride in their race and their heritage.

“I support it because I am white and I love my race and my heritage. We are proud of our race so we hold an event to show it.”

The Nationalist Correspondent website states throughout the day there will be a host of speakers.

They said: “This is the day that White people of the UK can stand up and show their pride by flying Pro-whites flags.

“Put aside differences with fellow Whites and unite them with a common goal of white pride worldwide.”

Attending the day-time event gives free admission into a reserved venue where a Patriotic meeting with ‘time served speakers from across the country’ will take place.

Flyers on the website show the door price for the venue at £15, ‘a great price to pay for what you get in return’.

The rally, which was also advertised on the English Defence League website, is rumoured to take place at Piccadilly Gardens at 1.00p.m.

The EDL website stated the Swansea White Power rally March 9 2013 resulted in Christopher Philips, a white supremacist, being jailed after being filmed hanging a golliwog on stage whilst wearing a Ku Klux Klan outfit.

Philips, formerly known as Darren Clifft also pleaded guilty to appearing in YouTube videos showing him wearing the Klansman outfit.

The rally has been held in Swansea for the last two years but is now moving to Manchester and many Mancunians have taken to Twitter to voice their opinions about the ‘White Pride’ event.

A comment by Wolfie on the Hope Not Hate website said: “I imagine that the council are allowing it to run because it’ll provide a golden opportunity for the nazi scumbags to do stuff that’ll land them in the clink.

“10% of last weekend’s shower got lifted and if the police can keep that up, there should be no nazis able to go to these things by the summer. Job done!”

Image courtesy of New Line Cinema, via YouTube, with thanks.

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