Eer y’aar luv, fancy a pint? Manchester men out of luck as Mancunian accent deemed ‘least sexy’ in UK

By Matt Scrafton

Men from Manchester hoping to catch a lady from outside the city have been dealt a blow as a poll reveals the Mancunian accent as the ‘least attractive’ in the UK.

A dating site surveyed more than 6,000 of its members to find out what accents they found the sexiest.

And unfortunately for Manchester’s men, their ac cent came top of the ‘least sexy’ list, followed by the Brummie and Essex accents.

Rosie Freeman-Jones, spokesperson for who conducted the survey, said an accent can be a deal breaker for a potential partner.

She said: “Accents are increasingly becoming highlighted in our members’ profiles as to set them apart from other potentials.

“Being able to have a conversation is a really important element to forming a successful physical relationship. So finding your date’s accent attractive can be a real plus point.”

Stacey Botham, a student from Chadderton, said: “I think there’s much worse than Manchester.

“Off the top of my head, I can think of Essex and Livepudlian for starters.”

Men from Ireland apparently have the sexiest accents, beating their Scottish and West Country counterparts who also fared highly.

Meanwhile, the 6,000 members found the sexiest accent on a woman to be a ‘posh’ dialect, closely followed by Welsh, Scottish and Liverpudlian.

Adam Hayden, a computing student from Blackley, said: “The Manchester accent on women is just as bad. I prefer Liverpudlian or Irish.”

The Birmingham accent on women is most likely to put off men, while Essex and West County dialects also turn them off.

Picture courtesy of CarbonNYC, with thanks.

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