Battle song: Gig to fund rescue of London Road Fire Station from wrack and ruin

The Friends of London Road Fire Station have announced their latest concert to fund the fight to return the Grade II listed building to Mancunians after it was ‘left to rot’.

The gig, aptly-titled Same Old Story will feature local bands such as Empire Signal, Factory Acts and Fourth Circle among others.

Being held at Joshua Brooks bar on Princess Street on the July 31, the show is in order to raise cash for the upcoming FoLRFS’ SOS conference.

Emma Curtin, Chair of FoLRFS, said: “It’s going to be a fantastic party to celebrate a really productive first year for the Friends of London Road Fire Station.

“The money we raise will be spent on a conference in October to explore new ideas for the future of this great building. Please come along and enjoy these great live acts.” 

This October, the conference will be used as a vessel to bring together architects, heritage experts and other interested parties in order to generate more feasible ideas for the future of the Station.

Manchester City Council are also invited to the event as the group aim to open a dialogue that they hope will save rescue the building from its current owners.

After being acquired by Britannia Hotels in 1986, The London Road Fire Station in Piccadilly has fallen into disarray with plans for renovation and restoration being repeatedly delayed.

Louise Bolotin of FoLRFS said: “We are looking forward to engaging with the council and working with them to make progress.”

With online footage from an urban explorer demonstrating the decay that the station has suffered over the years, many doubt that Britannia have any plans start work, instead allowing the dilapidation to reach such a stage that the only choice is to have the building demolished.

Adam Prince, Secretary of the Friends, said: “It’s still the same old story for this unique and exceptional at risk Grade II listed building.

“It’s been six months since owner Britannia Hotel received a three-year extension to their planning permission – but they have yet again failed to start work on it.

“And we want to work with Manchester City Council to engage with the citizens of Manchester, whose ideas and opinions about this building and its future should be prized. It’s immensely frustrating that the neglect continues after 28 years.”

About the show, electronic duo Factory Acts said: “Manchester is a city where political, cultural and music movements were housed in iconic buildings, too many of which have been lost.”

Fellow act The Bones added: “It is tragic to see this building decaying in front of our eyes when so much could be done within it for the city.”

A petition, started by FoLRFS Secretary Prince, was the first stepping stone in the long battle to save this historical site and now has over 4,000 signatures.

It can be found here.

Image courtesy of David with thanks

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