Doctors battle to save Bolton mum’s sight after stiletto heel ‘flies’ into her eye during pub catfight

Doctors are fighting to save a young mother’s sight after the heel of a stiletto shoe hit her in the eye during a freak attack at a pub in Bolton.

Katrina Coucill, 27, had been caught up in a catfight on the dancefloor of the Ye Olde Three Crowns pub in Farnworth, near Bolton, Greater Manchester when another woman aimed a high kick at her.

As she did so the stiletto shoe flew off the woman’s foot and struck Katrina in her left eye – leaving her screaming in agony.

The woman and two pals then fled the premises as other pubgoers raced to Katrina’s aid.

The British Telecom worker was later rushed into hospital where she was treated for a serious eye injury but it is feared she may be left partially sighted as a result.

Katrina had been at the pub on Sunday night to celebrate the bank holiday when she was caught up in a 11.30pm row with two women and a man as she was stood on the dancefloor.

One local said: “I wasn’t there but apparently all hell broke loose. The injured woman was not a regular at the pub but had been there with friends and got caught up in a row on the dancefloor.

“People thought it was handbags at dawn at first but then the argument seemed to get out of hand and this other woman unleashed an almighty kick at the lady.

“We could not see what happened next but we can only assume the shoe flew off her foot as the victim was on the dancefloor at the time.

“She was screaming in agony. People went to her aid but by all accounts it was a terrible scene.”

A friend of Katrina said: “I was coming out of a toilet when I heard a scream and realised Katrina had been hurt.

“Everyone was crowded around her and an ambulance came straight away, to take her to hospital. It was awful.”

On Facebook, Katrina’s sister Sian Coucill posted a message saying: “Some f..kin evil vicious people in this world. Hope they f..kin catch you, you lowlife scumbags!!!!!.”

A friend, Caroline Mulligan, said: “Too many lowlife scumbags these days and not enough decent folk, hope everything’s ok or will be.”

Greater Manchester Police said two women, aged 21 and 28, and a 28-year-old man, have been arrested on suspicion of causing grievous bodily harm.

They are now in police custody for questioning regarding the incident.

Det Sgt Patrick Wood said: “From what we have been told, we believe a woman was part of this group and she kicked out at the victim.

“She was wearing high heeled shoes and it looks like the point of the heel has made contact with her eye. She is currently in hospital being treated for her injury.

“With it being a bank holiday, the pub was very busy and it is likely someone would have seen what happened.

“I would appeal to anyone who was there and saw what happened or indeed those involved to contact police.”

Story via Cavendish Press

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