They’re out of a job, so what’s next for Harry and Meghan after Megxit?

In their desire for greater independence Meghan and Harry have been stripped of their HRH titles – a very clear sign by Her Majesty of the couple’s departure from the Royal Family and from their obligations as senior royals. 

Here, MM rounds up the 10 most unusual jobs available to the couple in the UK and across the pond in Canada. 

Following private family discussions in January this year, the Queen issued a statement saying: “We respect and understand their wish to live a more independent life as a family. 

“Harry and Meghan have made it clear that they do not want to be reliant on public funds in their new lives.” 
“It has therefore been agreed that there will be a period of transition in which the Sussexes will spend time in Canada and the UK”, the Queen added. 

This means that the couple now find themselves ‘officially’ out of a job and the most desirable candidates on the market. But what is next for the newly independent Royals? 

This means that the couple now find themselves ‘officially’ out of a job and the most desirable candidates on the market. But what is next for the newly independent Royals?
In a filmed speech, posted on the @sussexroyal Instagram account, Harry assured listeners that the couple were “not walking away”, intending to still collaborate with the other royals but “without 

BY ROYAL DECREE: Statement issued by HM the Queen on Harry and Meghan’s wish for an ‘more independent’ life.
Speculation is now rife surrounding what paid jobs the couple will opt to do, especially after the couple were captured talking to Disney CEO Bob Igner in June last year during The Lion King’s London premiere. 
It would seem the lure of the big screen has grabbed both of their attention, as Harry can be seen negotiating on the couple’s behalf saying: “Next time anyone needs any extra voiceover work we can make ourselves available.” 
With Meghan adding: “That’s really why we’re here to pitch.”  
And let us not forget when Meghan sat in as guest editor to the September issue of British Vogue – an issue dedicated to empowering women. Perhaps it will be women’s fashion that she sets her sights on next. 
It is likely that Harry will continue his prominent role in the Invictus Games after setting up the foundation in 2013 and with preparations for the 2020 Games in full swing. 
With their break from the traditional roll calls of royal life, perhaps this means the couple fancy a departure from ‘ordinary’ paid jobs too.  
So, MM rounds up the 10 most unusual jobs – here and across the pond – that the Sussexes could do to fit into their new independent lifestyle. 
Flying the nest to a career in Canada? 
Chick sexer 
Perhaps Harry and Meghan’s next jobs will take flight as chick sexers. The practice of chick sexing is carried out by trained professionals who determine the gender of chicken hatchlings. The ‘sexers’ employ their expert knowledge to help determine the appropriate feeding programmes each chick should be allocated to.
Swedish Fish maker 
Swedish fish

FISHING FOR A JOB: Cadbury Adams’ Swedish Fish candy is a popular treat in Canada

A prominent sweet in the Canadian and American food markets. And as with all food products someone’s got to make it. At Cadbury Adams, manufacturer and owner of the fish, you can be employed to make the iconic red, fish-shaped treat – not to be confused with a traditional Swedish fish delicacy of fermented herring. Delicious.  

Polar Bear Police 
Named the ‘polar bear capital of the world’, residents of Churchill in Manitoba (northern Canada) are overrun with the bears every November. The polar bear police are responsible for patrolling the town, to ensure that the hungry bears are kept out of the town. Police carry scare pistols that shoot sparks and screamer cartridges. This is one is sure to keep you on your toes.  
You will not get any more Canadian then becoming a professional canoeist. With it being such a popular activity both with the locals and tourists, mastering the skill of paddling is a sure way of earning some easy money tutoring other thrill seekers. Plus, think of all that fresh Canadian air!  
If you’re interested in adding more adventure to your working day, then check out the job listing on Indeed here.  
Cup Keeper 
Wearing white gloves, the ‘Keeper of the Stanley Cup’ involves ceremoniously parading the cup out at the end of the Stanley Cup Finals and presenting it to the ice hockey champions. Other duties include looking after the cup’s well-being at the Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto and during its international travels.  
As Harry is already used to the ceremony of official duties and shown harda strong interest in sport this role is would be ideal. Unfortunately, the position is currently taken by Phil Prichard who has been keeping the cup for over 31 years.  
Back on British soil 
Netflix tagger 
Join a 30 strong team who are expected to watch the content before expertly adding relevant ‘tags’ or metadata to films and episodes. Whilst getting to view content before its release the date, tagging requires technical knowledge of digital audiences.    
Food stylist 
Styling plates for the culinary world is growing in popularity, as food and hospitality brands fight to stand out from their competition with mouth-watering images. Food stylists are expected to add the glaze to make the roast chicken look moist or brush turkey with Marmite to brown them.  
Waterslide tester 
An actual job that requires knowledge and application of the two ‘fun’ factors – adrenaline and biggest splash – to every slide that’s tested. However, the role can bring with it some perils with risks of minor injuries.  
Professional mourner 
Be paid to attend a funeral to grieve as a moirologist. The paid, grief-stricken actors are usually hired by families as a means of increasing the number of people for the deceased and is a job that guarantees a lot of security.  
Warden of the Swans 
If Harry is looking to still keep some ties with the Queen, then surely the role of the Warden would be ideal.
The capital’s swan keeper, alongside the marker of swans, are part of the Royal Household and are responsible for conducting the annual census of swans that are owned and protected by the Queen. 

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Main image courtesy of the BBC via YouTube, with thanks. 

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