Miami, Malibu… Manchester: US travel blog cites Northern Quarter as among world’s coolest neighbourhoods

Not many people put Manchester in the same breath as Malibu and Miami but one travel blog has done just that.

InTheCut looks at the top food, art and music at the creative heart of the world’s coolest neighbourhoods – and Manchester’s Northern Quarter is apparently one.

Locations as diverse as the bustling markets of Instanbul and the sun-baked streets of Cape Town have already been taken in by their online travel writers.

The blog is the brainchild of American Jeff Young, who visited the Northern Quarter to sample the best Manchester has to offer.

Young made his way around the city, visiting the ‘multi-story bazaar of independent eccentricities’ Afflecks Palace and describing music venue Soup Kitchen as a ‘music-pumping underground cavern’, while he also raved about burger bar Almost Famous.

“I loved the community in Manchester, especially in the Northern Quarter,” Young told MM.

“Feeling creativity surging around the neighbourhood was great. The historic red brick buildings give the city a sense of real depth and character.”

InTheCut is all about reaching the neighbourhoods rather than the top tourist attractions in the cities and the inspiration came from time spent in Turkey.

“I lived in Istanbul for three years,” said Young.

“Millions of people were visiting the same things and going to the same restaurants in coaches.

“I felt like there was so much more of a local experience one can get. Of course, attractions in these are a must-see but what are you doing between these times?”

Web-based InTheCut has since focused on local independent creative culture in the blog and the accompanying Youtube channel but Young has big plans ahead.

“For traveling creatives searching for information about how to get a more authentic experience, InTheCut will be the first place they look,” claimed Young, who has been exploring Las Vegas since his Manchester trip.

“I am also developing a show based on these neighbourhoods where I travel with highly-regarded creative to find stories and introduce wonderful people, culture and secrets in cities around the world.”

The 30-year-old also visited London during his British travels and has plans to spend time in a number of American cities as well as Germany and South America around the time of the football World Cup in June and July.

And Young, who recently moved back to Los Angeles after 11 years living abroad, has a number of tips for budding travellers.

“Figure out bus routes and apps and ways to get around. Public transport is a great way to feel how locals get around, but walk everywhere else. 

“Go to a bar just before the happy hour rush begins and ask the bartender for some secrets.”

Picture courtesy of Duncan Hill, with thanks.

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