Late for work? ‘Beast from the East’ makes life hell for Manchester commuters

When we thought winter was finally over, we were wrong. Forecasters have said that Manchester will suffer for another week as Storm Emma deposits even more snow.

Winds have swept in from Siberia causing Manchester to be so chilly, postponing desirable spring weather for even longer.

The Met Office has said Manchester could suffer with “possible falls of 30cm with strong winds causing more potential travel disruption.”


Having trouble getting into work? It’s not surprising considering the impact that the weather conditions are having on Manchester’s transport routes, with many Stagecoach bus routes affected.

Throughout Manchester traffic is being delayed with collisions occurring and traffic being seen at standstill.

A car was reported ploughing into a barrier on Mancunian Way, while there have also been delays at Oxford Road station with trains being cancelled and delayed for hours.

However one savvy commuter decided to get the skis out like Britain’s Winter Olympians in South Korea this month.

So make sure to check the latest weather and travel updates in your local area.

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