Everything you need to know about the local election in Tameside

Local elections are taking place across Greater Manchester and elsewhere on 4 May – including in Tameside.

Here’s your guide to what you need to know.

What election is taking place in Tameside?

It’s the first ‘all-out’ council election for the borough in 20 years – meaning that all Tameside council seats are being contested.

There are 118 councillors standing across the 19 different wards, with three seats available in each ward.

Who can vote in the elections?

The requirements to vote are that you have to be:

  • Over 18,
  • A British, Irish, Commonwealth or EU Citizen living in the UK, or
  • A British citizen living overseas who has resided in the UK within the previous 15 years, and
  • Registered at an address in Tameside.

However, the registration date to vote has now passed – so if you’re not registered now it’s too late.

Who is standing for election in Tameside?

In Hyde Godley all three positions are up for reelection including Labour Chair of Council Business Joe Kitchen – which is important because of plans for the controversial Godley Green Garden Village.

Other prominent cabinet members include the Council Chair Gerald Cooney and Vice Chair Bill Fairfoull.

Tameside has been a strong “red wall” area since 1979, which makes a change unlikely – a strong challenge may be difficult with most wards having the choice of only three parties: Labour, Conservatives and Green Party.

The full candidate list can be found here.

What does the outgoing council look like in Tameside?

Labour currently hold 47 out of the 57 seats, with eight Conservatives, one Green Party member and one independent making up the rest of the council.

What are the issues being debated in Tameside?

Some of the key issues being debated in Tameside include the Godley Green Garden Village plans in Hyde and regeneration projects for Ashton-under-Lyne’s outdoor market.

The Godley Green Garden Village has been a contentious issue in Hyde, with a decision on plans to build more than 2,000 homes in the countryside delayed until this year.

This decision came after the planning committee received over 3,800 complaints about the application. 

Ashton-under-Lyne’s market square revamp is a major issue for local traders in the area as it would mean knocking down existing market stalls to prop up a new canopy structure.

However, the plans would have to be carried out under a tight schedule of needing to be completed by 2025, due to the constraints of a successful levelling up bid.

When and where can I vote?

Polling stations are open from 7am until 10pm on polling day. 

Under new government legislation, you will need to bring a photo ID if you are voting in person.

To find out your local polling station you can head to this link from Tameside council and enter your postcode to find out.

When will the results be announced?

Results will be announced early on 5 May – the votes are being counted overnight.

Mancunian Matters will be covering the local council elections happening across Greater Manchester.

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