Skegness, Rhyl and… Manchester: City named in top ten ‘most disappointing’ places to visit in UK

Manchester has been named among the top ten ‘most disappointing’ places to visit in Britain in a new poll among UK holidaymakers.

Ranking alongside seaside towns such as Blackpool, Rhyl, Skegness and Newquay, Manchester came eighth in the list of most underwhelming places.

The only other city to appear with Manchester in the survey of 1,520 holidaymakers by camping website Campetition was London, which fared worse in second place.

The unwelcome news comes only months after Manchester fell out of TripAdvisor’s top ten UK cities in April.

But a Visit Manchester spokesman insists the city still has pulling power and told MM: “Our tourism industry is currently in very good health.

“As a city we have a very diverse offering which includes: world-class museums and attractions, a burgeoning restaurant and bar scene, fantastic shopping and a packed cultural events calendar.”

Other coastal catastrophies – Rhyl, Skegness, Newquay, Great Yarmouth and Scarborough – also failed to impress with their sandy shores and finished ahead of Manchester in the poll.

Pre-historic monument Stonehenge and Kent holiday destination Margate rounded out the top ten.

However, the Office of National Statistics have claimed that only London and Edinburgh can beat Manchester after visits soared in 2013, growing from 713,000 visits in 2012 to 941,000.

The top ten most disappointing place to visit in the UK were:

1) Blackpool 
2) London 
3) Rhyl 
4) Skegness 
5) Newquay 
6) Great Yarmouth 
7) Scarborough 
8) Manchester 
9) Stonehenge 
10) Margate

Image courtesy of Stacey Cavanagh, with thanks.

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