‘Ironboy’ found with leg impaled on metal gate thanks Manchester firefighters who rescued him

By Tom Dyson

A brave eight-year-old boy who became impaled on a metal gate in Worsley paid a surprise visit to the fire station to say thanks to the firefighters who came to his aid.

Lewis Todd was playing with friends at Brackley Conservative Club on Sunday, May 5, when the incident happened.

The fire service based at Agecroft Fire Station came to the boy’s aid after he slipped whilst climbing on the gate.

Lewis said: “It didn’t hurt that much and the firefighters were kind to me and cut the pole free, I wasn’t scared.”

The crew manager, Mike O’Neill, said: “I have to say he was really very brave as we worked around him to cut him free – he was very calm because I think he was in shock.”

Lewis’ mum Kelly Todd also added: “I can’t thank them enough. Lewis was so brave on the day with the firefighters and the doctors said he was very lucky there was no nerve damage.”

Since the accident, Lewis and his brother Jack visited the fire station and thanked the fire crew who came to his aid. The boys were even given a tour of the fire station.

Mr O’Neill said: “We had to saw the railing from around him and he got into the ambulance with part of it still inside his thigh, so it’s been smashing to see him much better today.”

Mrs Todd added that Lewis’ friends and family call him ‘ironman’ now.

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