‘Truth is coming’: Street artist paints whistleblower Edward Snowden in Northern Quarter graffiti

By Tim Hyde

A talented street artist is hoping to provoke political debate in Manchester by painting controversial whistleblower Edward Snowden in the Northern Quarter only days after the mural of Breaking Bad’s Walter White was created.

Sarah Lynn Mayhew also known as SLM has created her first politically inspired street art using the quote ‘truth is coming and cannot be stopped’ after Snowden leaked information to the press about the US and UK government’s invading privacy.

Sarah, who completed the painting at the weekend, spoke exclusively to MM about why she decided to create the political portait.

“I am not one for attention but after the publicity my Walter White painting [not the street art] I decided to use it to my advantage and encourage people to share the truth for the greater good,” she said.

“The US and UK governments are slowly taking away our rights. There is much apathy. I hope to encourage people to conscientiously stand up and unite.”

Sarah is very passionate about the Snowden saga and aims to spread awareness through her own artwork.

“Street art gives voice to the people, I hope that my work encourages more street artists to comment on current affairs,” she said.

“The US and UK governments taking away our rights and not enough people are interested.

“Snowden needs to be considered as passionate, courageous and honest.”

The work took around three days to complete and ever since Sarah has received nothing but positive feedback for her artistic talents and her choice to highlight such a serious global matter.

Sarah added: “The reception has been very positive off everyone.

“Snowden is a beautiful person for putting his life and his family’s lives on the line to educate the public. He selflessly stood up for what he believed in.”

A photo of the wall was uploaded to Street Art Utopia, a website which allows users to share inspirational graffiti among one another, and has received more than 4,000 likes in just a few days.

Sarah believes that people like Snowden who defend public human rights receive unnecessary negative press and that the media perception needs to change.

The work is located on Thomas Street on an electrical hub which is also home to Akse P.19’s Walter White mural.

Both paintings have been attracting people to the area with visitors often admiring the murals.

The wall was made available to Sarah by the Out House Project who are making legal spots availabe for street artists to paint on.

“I’m most grateful to the project which is providing a platform for Street Art in Manchester,” she said.

“It was also great to have the brilliant artist D7606 come in on the work with me. His telephone boxes completed the piece by adding contrasting images which give the work added food for thought.”

Sarah is available for commissioned artwork and is available through her Facebook page here.

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