‘Nothing short of barbaric’: Family jailed after sex trafficking women in Bolton

A family of four from Bolton have been jailed after pleading guilty to beating, enslaving, and forcing two Hungarian women into prostitution.

Ferenc Dardai Jnr, 22, was jailed for six years, and younger brother Daniel Dardai, 19, was jailed for three years.

Parents Ference Dardai Snr, 43, and Melania Kiraly, 42, were jailed for four years at Bolton Crown Court.

One woman, who was persuaded to move into the house by Ferenc Dardai Jnr, was frequently left to starve and rarely allowed more than three hours sleep each night.

DI Neil Blackwood said: “The treatment these poor women suffered at the hands of these offenders is nothing short of barbaric.

“Like so many victims of modern slavery, these women were ultimately controlled by violence and, equally, by fear.

Greater Manchester Police rescued the women, aged 20 and 30, and one woman’s one-year-old child, when they executed a search warrant on the property on Friday, March 27 this year.

Both women suffered abusive and exploitive treatment, with one woman being subjected to daily beatings by Ferenc Dardai Jnr and his mother, Melania Kiraly.

Ferenc Dardai Snr told one of the victims that he knew ‘where her son lived and will make sure that her son would be harmed, or even killed’, if she alerted police or was disobedient.

The family took all of the earnings that their victims made, often spending it on drugs and at casinos.

Senior investigating officer DI Blackwood said: “These women were a commodity to these offenders; they served no other purpose than to earn money to fund a lifestyle of drugs and gambling.”

It is expected that the family will be handed the UK’s first Slavery and Trafficking Prevention Orders when the hearing takes place on Friday October 23, 2015.

The family, who sex trafficked the women across the North West, all pleaded guilty when charged.

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