‘We’ve got Lebanese, Japanese and Spanish food’: Taste the exotic in Manc

Manchester’s annual food and drink festival is back with some fizz, a bang and scallops – all until October 8…

The 21st event will provide visitors with the chance to taste food from all over the world including Japan, Italy and America while enjoying live music, a beer or soft drink in the wonderful Town Hall surroundings.

The city hosts this event every year in the same location and all the food available is changed with the times and to suit new generations.

Event organiser Alexa Stratton-Powell told MM: “It is about celebrating all that is great about Manchester, in particular, the food and drink scene.

“We have got Lebanese, Japanese and Spanish food as well as American food.”

The festival has a beer bus, teepee for buying drinks, and a whole selection of food to try as well as a beer tent with live music for people to listen to while relaxing with friends.

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