What’s the story? Oasis scarecrow army sparks confusion across Manchester

Scarecrows dressed as former Oasis stars Liam and Noel Gallagher have left Mancunians bewildered after they were spotted in Manchester city centre.

The Liam scarecrow was found hiding behind a tree in Piccadilly, while Noel was seen chilling in the Northern Quarter.

Clad in hoodies and jeans, the mysterious scarecrows each had a sign attached to them that read: “Follow the scarecrows. They’re coming.”

Perplexed ‘spotters’ voiced their confusion over the city’s new prickly residents but no clear motive has yet come to light – perhaps they just want to ‘Live Forever’?

The Twitter account @MCRscarecrows has taken responsibility for the appearances of even scarier versions of Liam and Noel.

The self-proclaimed Chief Scarecrow told MM: “Who are the scarecrows? We are the scarecrows – plotting a Manchester takeover to make our city a little a greener.

“Grey dull granite is everywhere and I think it’s high time the city embraced a bit of green.

“We are secretly planting a different member of our scarecrow army in town every day to get people talking.

“Who from our army will turn up where? No one knows, but one thing is for sure the scarecrows are here to stay.”

Image courtesy of Will Fresch, with thanks.

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