‘A fair deal for Salford’: City’s mayor launches petition to combat austerity after slamming government cuts

By David Keane

Budget cuts, welfare change and jobs losses are all depressingly familiar in times of austerity but Salford’s Mayor has had enough and set up a petition against policies set out by David Cameron.

Salford City Mayor, Ian Stewart, has called on the Tory leader to sit down with an all-party delegation and discuss how the council can ease the effects of austerity and protect vulnerable residents.

Since the Conservative government came to power in 2010, Salford Council have already had to enforce £97million worth of cuts and are required to save a further £81million over the next three years.

The loss of funding has already led to 1,200 jobs being lost and more are expected unless action is taken.

In a statement Mr Stewart urged the Prime Minister to come forward.

“We must talk about how we can best protect the most vulnerable in our city and how we can continue to bring investment into Salford,” he said.

The petition has already attracted 163 signatures with many people leaving comments voicing their support for the campaign.

Salford resident Lynn Holden said: “These proposals to cut these vital services are ludicrous. I don’t think these decision makers have a clue of the effects this will have on the vulnerable people of Salford and those who will be losing these important jobs.

“There will be more homelessness, more crime & rioting, more poverty. This in the long run will not be saving money.”

“These impacts really need to be discussed around the table. Come on Prime Minister prize yourself out of that cosy London apartment and let’s talk.”

The benefit cuts and welfare changes will impact the whole of Salford leaving the council unable to provide vital services.

Measures include closing a children’s home, reducing respite care, and cutting cash help to the vulnerable local people.

“It is appalling that the vulnerable people of Salford are going to lose such vital services. I myself and many more will be on Job Seekers Allowance very soon,” added Rebecca Ellis, from Salford.

“There are also proposals to cut other services in Salford that support vulnerable people.

“I work for Salford Council supporting vulnerable individuals & families who cannot cope in tenancies without support. There is proposal to decommission this team on July 14 due to savings having to be made.

“I have worked in a job that I love for the last 12 years and in a job that makes a massive difference to people lives.”

To view or sign the petition click here

Image courtesy of bisgovuk , with thanks

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