Wanted – undead with love of brains: Zombie training school seeks fresh meat for Manchester apocalypse

The zombie apocalypse is headed to Manchester, and the undead hoard are seeking fresh meat in the quest to devour every last human soul on earth.

2.8 Hours Later, the cross-city urban zombie chase game will be hitting the streets of Manchester in July, and the organisers will be holding a Zombie School on July 5-6.   

The zombie school will cater to those who would prefer to take the role of the predator, rather than a terrified civilian.

Zombie veterans will teach flesh-hungry participants what it takes to be a member of the undead, as opposed to playing a survivor in the game.

The school is led by Alex Noble, who has been chomping on human flesh in 2.8 Hours Later for five years, since the street game was launched.

Zombie School takes brains and by the end each volunteer will have learnt how to move, act and think like a convincing, realistic, flesh eating zombie.

Alex said: “Being on the other side is so much fun, seeing the fear on people’s faces can be hilarious because at the end of the day we’re only in makeup; but it’s amazing how in to the game everyone gets.”

In return for being a zombie those selected are gifted with a free ticket to one of the 2.8 Hours Later games taking place in the city they volunteer in.

To volunteer as a zombie, click here.

Image courtesy of Gianluca Ramalho Misiti, with thanks.

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