WATCH: Manchester charity provides free vet care to homeless dogs

Gary has come to The Station pub car park in Tameside to get his three-year old dog Darcy seen by a vet.

The 50-year-old from Manchester was street homeless for three years and is now sofa-surfing.

On the first Wednesday of every month people who are homeless can get their pets examined for free by a vet from Street Paws charity outside the pub.

For four days a week the pub is transformed into the We Shall Overcome hub where pub landlady Pauline Town MBE has been handing out free packed lunches to the homeless in Ashton for the past decade.

Her partnership with Street Paws began when she referred a homeless man to the charity to receive care for his elderly dog.

Gary has been anxious about Darcy’s paws because she is licking them constantly.

Street Paws vet Katja said: “I have spoken with so many homeless people, learned a little about their story and seen first-hand how much they love their dogs.

“Often their dog is the only being they could ever trust and rely on.

“That is heart breaking.”

Darcy is seen by vet Katja and qualified veterinary nurse Rachel Bean.

Gary said: “They’ve given her a flea treatment, they gave me a spray for her paws, tablets for her fur, worming tablets and they’ve done a full health check on her.

“They have been really good, and they told me to come back next month to see if her paws are a bit better.”

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