Tax Equality Day: Manchester pubs plan booze price drop to show benefit of a low-VAT life

Mancunians could get be set to get their wines and ales cheaper for one day only as a campaign is asking pubs and restaurants to reduce VAT rates across the UK.

The VAT Club Jacques Borel have announced a Tax Equality Day campaign, encouraging the hospitality trade to lower prices to highlight the benefits of cutting VAT rates.

For Mancunians, this means over 20 Wetherspoon pubs in Greater Manchester, plus a number of other pubs and restaurants, will drop prices by 7.5% for one day only on September 24.

This follows the success of Tax Parity Day last year and which took place in 15,000 pubs and restaurants across the UK.

Wetherspoon chairman Tim Martin said: “Last year’s Tax Parity Day was an outstanding success in our pubs.

“Our aim is to make September 24 our busiest trading day of 2014.”

Other Manchester businesses supporting the campaign include Robinsons Brewery, Hydes Brewery, Joseph Holt pubs and J.W. Lees Brewery.

According to the VAT Club Jacques Borel, lower VAT for the hospitality trade will mean lower prices, better paid staff and a more competitive rate with supermarket prices.

French businessman Borel has a history of campaigning for lower tax rates across Europe, with success in Germany, Belgium and Finland to name a few.

He said: “Tax Parity Day was an outstanding success and the perfect way to reinforce our message to the public that lower VAT in the hospitality sector will deliver lower prices and create hundreds of thousands of jobs.

“Customers at pubs and restaurants across the UK supported last year’s event with enthusiasm and pride and I am confident that they will welcome the Tax Equality Day.”

The campaign is in reaction to the inequality in VAT rates between supermarkets and the hospitality trade, with the Jacques Borel VAT Club intending to highlight the unfairness.

Supermarkets currently benefit from a zero VAT rate, in comparison to pubs and restaurants that face a much larger 20% VAT rate.

Borel added: “The campaign to reduce VAT is well known amongst the public, policy makers and MPs and a national Tax Equality Day will highlight the support for the VAT cut campaign.”

For more information of the supporters of the VAT Club Jacques Borel, and the campaign itself, clicke here.

Image courtesy of Sagie, with thanks

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