TV special offering poignant glimpse into Manchester terror attack 100 days after bomb killed 22 at Arena

A poignant television special will offer a new glimpse into the devastation caused by the terror attack at Manchester Arena.

The one-hour show – titled Manchester: 100 Days After The Attack – is set to be broadcast at 9pm on ITV tonight.

Narrated by Christopher Eccleston, it will feature revealing interviews with those who witnessed and suffered from the bomb on May 22.

Amongst those who have spoken for the cameras include the police, paramedics and medical teams who were first on the scene.

The heart-wrenching special will also see a father speak out after being left paralysed by the blast that occurred immediately following an Ariana Grande concert.

A preview of the show features a clip of Jayne Jones, the mother of 14-year-old Nell Jones who died in the explosion.

Fighting back the tears, the bereaved mum speaks about the moment when she discovered her daughter was one of the 22 people who lost their life.



She says: “It was just a strange, strange night really. I can’t really explain what it was like.

“Because, I think I kind of knew. Because… and I know I’ve said this many times to people, and I know it’s going to sound very, very strange, but I couldn’t feel her.”

She continues: “I wasn’t conscious of her. I think that was the thing. That I knew there was something. I supposed you’re just kind of expecting the worst really.” 

Earlier this month, a new mental health support service was set up to assist people affected by the terror attack at Manchester Arena.

The Manchester Resilience Hub offers professional help to those who are struggling following the atrocity carried out by Salman Abedi.

*Manchester: 100 Days After The Attack airs tonight at 9pm on ITV.

Image courtesy of ITV Granada Reports via Twitter, with thanks. 

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