Single Brits are putting off potential partners with cliched dating lingo – survey reveals WORST offenders

Single Brits are putting off potential dates by using cliched dating lingo on their profiles – as a survey revealed many singletons are unwittingly painting themselves as sex mad, alcohol dependent or desperate for nudes.

Research shows that seemingly innocent phrases such as ‘I’m open minded’, ‘I’m a hopeless romantic’ and ‘will swap pics’ could be giving a very different message to their potential suitors.

The vague sayings could be costing people a chance to find love – as almost half (44%) of the online dating app Badoo’s respondents said they wouldn’t bother approaching someone who had one on their profile.

More than a third (34%) of those quizzed think people use vague language because they have difficulty being honest about what they want, while 30% believe they’re simply saying what they think people want to hear.

Of the 1,000 people quizzed in the survey, ‘I’m open minded’ was the top phrase that people misinterpreted.

Respondents said they either believed you are adventurous in the bedroom (33%), interested in alternative relationships (31%), or politically liberal (17%).

The phrase ‘I’m up for anything’ left most suitors thinking the person is looking for adventurous sex (53%).

A more cautious 23% thought it meant having no strong opinions, while 10% claimed the person meant they were an adrenaline junkie and into extreme sports (10 per cent).

The phrase ‘will swap pics’ made 44% of people think that if they sent nude pics to the user, they would receive some in return.

One fifth (21%) of respondents thought it suggested the person was ‘shy, self-conscious and didn’t want to make a fool of themselves’, while another fifth (20%) thought it meant the person was wary of strangers.

The majority of users seeing singletons using the phrase ‘I love a drink’ claim that it makes the person look like they like to wind down with alcohol (58%).

One fifth (20%) said it made them think the person is ‘always drunk’, while 12% got a shy vibe, believing the person needs ‘Dutch courage’.

In a bid to help singletons navigate choppy dating waters and cut through ambiguous online dating clichés, Badoo has launched a new ‘interests’ feature to the platform.

This allows members to showcase their passions and hobbies by wearing them as a badge of honour on their profile.

Users will be able to add a main ‘interest’ to search criteria – helping them find partners with the same passions.

Chief Marketing Officer of Badoo, Dominic Gallello, said: “Our study highlights that it’s very important to avoid tired clichés on online dating profiles, as they can cause confusion with potential matches.

“At Badoo we value honesty above all. The research shows that whatever your reasons for online dating, it’s important to write what you really think rather than hiding behind ambiguous stock phrases.

“It’s one of the reasons we developed the ‘Interests’ feature.

“We want UK daters to show their true character, prove they are more than just a picture and a generic bio, by specifying their real interests and passions on their profile.”

Those quizzed in the poll said there were ‘countless’ other statements that left them scratching their heads over what love interests mean.

Mentioning ‘I’m a hopeless romantic’ won’t necessarily pull at a potential partner’s heartstrings, with half of Brits either think the person is ‘soppy’ or that they’ve been hurt by love before (28%).

But an optimistic 15% claimed they thought the phrase made them think the person was a ‘passionate lover’.


PHRASE USED: ‘I’m open minded’


‘I’m adventurous in the bedroom’ – 33%

‘I’m interested in alternative relationships’ – 31%

My politics are liberal – 17%

PHRASE USED: ‘I’m up for anything’


‘I’m looking for adventurous sex’ – 53%

‘I have no strong opinions’ – 23%

‘I’m into extreme activities/sports’ – 10%

PHRASE USED: ‘I’m a hopeless romantic’


‘I’m a bit soppy’ – 50%

‘I’ve been hurt by love before’ – 28%

‘I’m a passionate lover’ – 15%

PHRASE USED: ‘I love a drink’


‘I like to wind down with alcohol’ – 58%

‘I’m always drunk’ – 20%

‘I need Dutch courage’ – 12%

PHRASE USED: ‘Will swap pics’


‘Send me nude pics of yourself and I will send you my own’ – 44%

‘I’m shy, self-conscious and don’t want to make a fool of myself’ – 21%

‘I’m wary of strangers’ – 20%

PHRASE USED: ‘I enjoy travel’


‘I’m always seeking the latest far flung destinations for adventures’ – 51%

‘I have a beach holiday every year’ – 28%

I am up for a long-distance relationship – 11%

PHRASE USED: ‘Let’s see what happens’


‘I’m open to a relationship’ – 50%

‘I’m guarded/passive and am waiting for you to make the first move’ – 24%

‘I’m expecting sex’ – 18%

PHRASE USED: ‘I work hard/play’


‘I like to party’ – 46%

‘I’m driven/committed/determined’ – 37%

‘I’m a city worker with a powerful job’ – 9%

PHRASE USED: ‘I’m new to this’


‘I’m a bit embarrassed to be on a dating app’ – 53%

‘I’m just out of a relationship’ – 26% –

‘I can’t be bothered to work out how this app works’ – 8%

PHRASE USED: ‘I don’t take myself too seriously’


‘I’m easy going’ – 76%

‘I’m a bit lazy and can’t be trusted’ – 11% –

‘I’m self-obsessed and take myself very seriously’ – 9%

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