Far-right group Britain First’s Facebook page removed for hate speech ahead of Wigan rally… but back on in hour

Far-right group Britain First’s Facebook page was taken down for publishing posts containing hate speech – but an hour later they were back online.

The page’s removal was allegedly requested by race equality campaigners Hope Not Hate. Administrators of the Britain First page have since posted their reaction, branding the group as ‘trolling idiots’.

The political group, who pride themselves on wearing bomber jackets and berets, plan on bringing their political ‘road show’ to Wigan on July 6.

Wigan Councillor Michael McLaughlin told MM that support for the party has risen as the economy worsened and said: “I think it’s a reaction to austerity and I think it’s people who are despairing and can’t see any future for themselves, but just resort in blame it on everybody else.

“Fundamentally I am against it, but they’ve got the right to come. I understand that we’re a free society and we’ve got to accommodate all views.

“However, they think exposure will work in their favour but I actually think exposure will do the worst for them. “

Britain First have not disclosed the location of their appearance in Wigan in case ‘anybody turns up’ and insists that the meeting is a member-only event.

A representative from Hope Not Hate confirmed to MM that the ‘500,000-strong Facebook page is down’ but did not confirm that the page was censored at the group’s request.

VOWING REVENGE: Britain First celebrate their return with a threat

With Facebook ‘likes’ reaching nearly 500,000, Britain First’s presence on social media dwarves all three main political parties on the social networking site.

Labour currently command 177,594 likes with the Conservatives leading them on 226,536 and fellow coalition party the Liberal Democrats bottom of the pile with 97,906.

IN CON-TROLL: Britain First show defiance after they return to Facebook

Anti-EU party UKIP continue their rise on the social media site with 225,342 likes – but cannot compete with Britain First.

The far-right party’s Facebook page contains posts implying: backing to bring pro-firearm rights to the UK amongst an array of Islamaphobic memes and members holding banners outside councils reading ‘no more mosques’.

Image via Facebook.

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