GMP release menacing photo of masked thug who attacked cop car with hammer

A menacing photograph of a masked, hammer-wielding thug – who attacked a police car following a high speed chase – has been released by GMP in a bid to catch the offender and his counterpart.

Two people wearing balaclavas were spotted in a black Ford Mondeo at a petrol station on Cromwell Road, Salford, by officers from the ANPR Intercept Unity shortly after 11:30pm on Sunday June 28.

Chief Inspector Mark Dexter believes it is clear these balaclava-ed brutes were about to commit a ‘violent offence’ and the outcome may have been worse without the action of the Intercept Unit.

He said: “I think it is clear that the occupants of the car were about to commit a violent offence when the officers originally attempted to stop them and their subsequent behaviour only further reinforces that.

 “It is possible that the actions of the Intercept Unit officers prevented a robbery from taking place as, when they first approached the offenders, they were pulling into a petrol station forecourt wearing balaclavas and carrying a number of weapons.”

The officers signalled for the vehicle to pull over but the driver of the car ignored.

After a short police chase the offender pulled over on Upper Camp Street, where his masked passenger jumped out and came at the police car armed with a hammer.

Fearing for their safety, the driver of the police car drove at the offender causing him to fall onto the bonnet and then the floor.

At the same time the driver of the Mondeo rammed the police car twice before turning around and heading off towards the junction with Bury New Road.

His hammer-wielding passenger ran after him and jumped back into the car, which turned right onto Bury New Road and managed to get away.

The car was later found abandoned on Thanet Close with a number of weapons inside it.

Police are appealing for any information they can get to catch the duo and CI Dexter thinks their search may be helped by the fact one man may be limping after him scrape with the police car.

The offender who approached the police vehicle was also wearing a white balaclava which is said to be uncommon – this may also prove important to GMP’s man hunt.

CI Dexter said: “Although we don’t have a clear description of the offenders, the one who attempted to attack the police with a hammer may have been injured in his attempts and returned home limping.

“He was also wearing a white balaclava which isn’t very common amongst offenders so it’s possible that somebody may have seen a person carrying one in their hand or disposing of it in some way and so they can offer a better description.”

Anybody with information should contact police on 101 or the independent charity Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555 111.

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