No wine-ing: Jason Manford drinks in the praise after footing THREE GRAND bar bill to apologise to fans

Jason Manford kept his Lincoln audience in good cheer after arriving late to his Saturday night gig – by covering their £3,500 bar bill.

The Salfordian, 32, informed his audience at Lincoln’s Engine Shed that he was stuck in traffic via Facebook.

Sorry to keep his 850 fans waiting, Manford promised to get a round in – setting him back £3532.40.

Manford posted: “Lincoln, I’ll be there in 25 minutes, go to the bar and get yourself a drink.

“I’ve spoken to the staff and bought you all a drink each to relieve the boredom till I arrive with my show! (Don’t be ordering doubles you cheeky b*******!)”

The Stockport-based comedian later tweeted a photo of his bill – regretting that he hadn’t banned certain pricier drinks from the tab.

The comic dad-of-three wrote: “Seemed like a good idea to offer free drinks cos of lateness! But shoulda added Kopparberg to the banned list of drinks!”

Manford’s goodwill gesture didn’t go unappreciated and several fans turned to Twitter to show their appreciation.

Michael Law tweeted: “@JasonManford is a little bit late to the gig so he’s getting us all a free drink, WHAT A LAD!!!”

Fellow Manford maniac Lincoln Echo editor Steven Fletcher posted a photo of the packed bar writing: “No joke! @JasonManford is starting his gig late, so EVERYONE is getting a free beer on him. This is the bar. TopPR!”

Manford’s fans will no doubt be ensuring that the 8 out 10 Cats panellist is stuck in traffic a little more often from now on.

Images courtesy of University of Salford with thanks

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