Paws-itivley petrifying: Manchester’s dogs don terrifyingly cute Halloween costumes – in pictures

By Richard O’Meara

While many Mancunians fret over how scary or realistic their Halloween outfits will be, some have a more unusual set of doggy dilemmas.

Will Bruno ruin his zombie get-up if he jumps in a puddle? Is this pink tutu a chocolate lab or a chihuahua size? And is it too cliché to dress a boxer up as Rocky Balboa?

Dita Von Pug (pictured right) just loves getting into the spirit of things by dressing up and chilling out by the fire… but to get her in that number you would assume that there was some Halloween trickery and many doggy treats to convince her that the pumpkin suit was a good look.

As the witching hour fast approaches, dog owners are keen to see their beloved pooches take the prestigious prize of best dressed this Halloween, a fad that has swept Manchester.

“It really seems to be taking off this year in Manchester,” said Kirsty Lyle, co-owner of Salford based Wuffers of Worsley.

“More and more people are getting their dogs dressed up for Halloween.”

Wuffers stock a variety of canine clothing; ranging from dresses, hoodies, raincoats, leather jackets and more.

Kirsty, who has seen doggy pampering grow so much that she is soon to host her first dog wedding, complete with bitch’s bridesmaid dresses and growling groom’s tuxedos also said: “Some buy them outfits at Halloween just as a treat for around the house, others do it to go out and meet other people and dogs who do the same.”

Perhaps the premier event for Manchester’s petrifying pooches to strut their stuff at is the Horse and Jockey’s Dogs vs. Kids Halloween pageant, featuring Friday 13th’s  Jason Voorhees and Nightmare on Elm Street’s Freddie Kruger (pictured left).

In a showdown between the barkers and the bawlers, the Chorlton pub’s event attracted a typically terrifying set of entrants to its wet but packed pub green on Sunday.

“It’s a little bit bonkers,” said onlooker Tim Helmsley, 32, as he stared bemusedly from a distance

“Do the dogs even know they’re dressed up? “

Although seeming to have a great time many of the dogs admittedly did seem rather non-plussed by their festive attire.
FESTIVE: Dogs at Cholton event (images courtesy of So Chorlton, with thanks)

“Oh well, suppose I might be the crazy one seeing how many people have turned up, to each their own.” said Tim as he left, his own dog in tow and looking exceptionally underdressed in its present company.

The event attracted dozens of costumed dogs, days before most of their human counterparts will put on their masks and make-up.

A pug dressed as Superman, corgi with bat wings, and a pair decked out as horror film icons Freddie Kruger and Jason Voorhees all made strong showings.
OUTRAGEOUS COSTUMES: Dogs on parade in their favourite outfit (Pictures
courtesy of, Boy Avianto and editrixia, with thanks)

Considering the stiff completion it would perhaps be unfair to pick a definite winner from the lot.

The prize for most enthused by the choice of animal attire however undoubtedly went to the dog’s owners.

Jenny Bloomfield, 56, clutching the lead of her wagging terrier, Malcolm, said:

“We’ve been getting him a new costume every year for five years now. He’s been a skeleton, a hot dog, a pirate and a shark so far.”

This year Malcolm was shrouded by the mask of the caped crusader himself, Batman.

Jenny added: “It’s become a huge tradition for us and I love seeing what other dog owners can come up with, we do like to think we’re quite good at it though!

“We’ve already had a little chat about ideas for Christmas, we don’t want to be boring and just dress him up as Santa again.”

NO LAUGHING AT ME! Pug poses with Halloween hat on (picture courtesy of Wombatarama, with thanks)

So why are Mancunians becoming more and more inclined to dress up their dogs as All Hallows Eve draws near?

While her four-year-old spaniel, Oscar, rolled in the mud and chased the unfurling outfit of a mummy costume-sporting retriever, Julia Singleton, 31, from Didsbury, said:

 “Halloween starts to lose its appeal when you get a bit older, but having a kid or a pet makes it fun again. You can all enjoy it together.

“Actually, the dogs are probably having an even better time than us since they’re all dressed up already!”

It was hard to disagree as Oscar unfurled the last of his contemporaries’ mummy wrap and move on to eye up a nearby couple’s Sunday roast.

Main picture courtesy of Bethany Jane Davies, with thanks.

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