Bonfire events cancelled for fourth year running spark outrage online

The decision not to hold Bonfire Night events continues to spark strong reactions on social media.

Manchester City Council confirmed that it will not resume bonfire events in its parks this year, citing costs. 

The announcement disappointed some would-be-revellers, and marks the fourth consecutive year without bonfire celebrations. 

Further coverage today prompted Twitter/X users to take to the site and share their thoughts.

X user Jo composed a mournful poem, writing: 

“I am a Labour councillor
I’m miserable and tight
I hate British traditions
so I’m axing bonfire night.

You won’t be oooh and ahhing
as the colours hit the sky
we’re killing your traditions
no matter how you cry.”

Tradition was front-of-mind for many users, including Tess Summers, who wrote: 

“Bonfire night cancelled by councils across UK in huge blow to classic British tradition.. Councils across the country have cancelled their displays for Bonfire night. Kids will have no childhood memories of what it was like to be British”

Some users had a more positive view: Gaz Dennis wrote:

“Good, the animals can rest easy.”

Another user, Debs, suggested that the lack of official events could promote antisocial behaviour, writing:

“I don’t understand why you would cancel organised displays, it will just encourage more people to have their own which leads to all sorts of issues. Keep organised displays and ban the sale of fireworks in shops.”

Manchester City Council said: “The council’s evaluation from last year showed that not having large bonfire events did not cause any demonstrable increase in anti-social behaviour on the key weekends and it will be working with partner agencies to promote the safety messages to prevent anti-social behaviour in the run up to and during Halloween and Bonfire Night.”

The political nature of the Gunpowder Plot did not escape the attention of one user, who wrote:

“Bonfire night is a bit of a strange one. The night we celebrate the houses of Parliament not being overthrown. At the moment that has some appeal 😕”

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