Salford local election 2023: Labour keep control of council

Labour maintained control of Salford City Council as the final votes were counted today at the AJ Bell Stadium. 

There were 21 seats available across the 20 wards, and needing just one seat to keep control Labour won 18. 

Salford City Mayor Paul Dennett said: “It was a fantastic set of results for the Labour Party this evening here in Salford.

“We have retained all of our seats; obviously we have not made any gains but going into this we knew we were fighting on a number of key wards. 

“Overall a really good set of results in the city of Salford.”

One of the most tightly contested wards was Worsley and Westwood Park with Conservative candidate Robin John Garrido winning by 163 votes over Labour’s Michelle Mullen. 

Garrido said: “This is unexpected. But we have proven that if you fight on local policies which serve the people of Salford you win.” 

Garrido was insistent that despite the national policy of the Conservatives he was willing to fight and stand up for local people in his area on issues that mattered such as potholes, bin collection and school crossings. 

He said: “We might only be a small group but we punch above our weight.

“Next year we will build on these successes and we will look not only to hold seats but be looking to gain seats as well.”

With a turnout of only 24.15% for this local election it is difficult to say what will happen at the general election next year – but Labour have certainly maintained control of Salford City Council. 

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