Pro-Palestinian protesters take to streets of MediaCity over weekend

A protest saw hundreds of people take to the streets of MediaCityUK in support of Palestine.

Children were at the forefront of the march voicing their opinion through megaphones as Palestinians filled the Piazza area and roads around the Quays, last Saturday.  

This was the 21st consecutive weekend that a demonstration had occurred in Greater Manchester, to protest against the war in Gaza. 

Former Manchester United forward Eric Cantona has previously said: “Free Palestine means stop caging 2.3 million Palestinians in the world’s largest open air prison, half of whom are children.”

The march, which saw people congregate through areas within Salford, was filled with activists that were of every generation, all hoping that change can one day happen. 

Palestine and Israel are having one of the world’s longest continuing conflicts that began in the mid 20th century.

The issue always leads back to the debate of whether Palestinians should be able to form their own separate country and government or remain in the Israeli state.


One activist spoke for many when they said: “Millions of Palestinians have been displaced, they don’t have a home to return to. Millions of people have been traumatised, how do they rebuild their lives? Dr Martin Luther King once said ‘When there is an injustice anywhere, there is a threat to justice everywhere.’” 

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