Election 24

General Election 2024 results: Galloway loses seat

George Galloway, leader of the Worker’s Party, has been turfed out by Labour candidate Paul Waugh.

Galloway won the party’s only seat in a by-election in February this year after the Labour candidate Azhar Ali was suspended by the Labour Party, due to comments he’d made about Gaza.

Galloway received 40% of the vote in the February by-election, which was called after the death of Labour MP Tony Lloyd.

The result will massively disappoint George Galloway who had hoped his Worker’s Party movement would pick up pace, to place pressure on Labour to harden it’s stance on the Gaza conflict.

Turnout for the constituency was 55%, down from 60% in 2019, but up from 39.7% in February’s byelection.

We will update with results imminently.

Results in full:

Paul Ellison, Conservatives: 4,273

Martyn Savin, Green Party: 1,212
Paul Waugh, Labour Party: 13,027
George Galloway, Workers Party: 11,587
Michael Howard, Reform UK: 6,773
Andy Kelly, Liberal Democrats: 2,816

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