Piccadilly Pulse: Should the UK stay in the EU?

The question of whether Great Britain should remain part of the European Union is a row that has rumbled on for decades.

This week, it came to the fore again in Wednesday night’s televised debate between Nigel Farage and Nick Clegg.

The two party leaders locked horns for an hour – trading verbal blows on immigration, jobs and trade among other issues.

There are many different advantages and disadvantages of Britain being united with Europe so we asked the people of Manchester their thoughts on the matter.

Should the UK remain in the EU?

Yes 57%

No 43%

James Booth, 31, music student from Beswick said: “We are stronger with Europe. We live in a globalised world. There’s no turning the clock back to go our separate ways when there is such an economic crisis on our hands.

“It just wouldn’t make sense.”

Amanda Thwaites, 43, a dog walker from Oldham, said: “I would rather be part of a united Europe because if there is any threat to our country it could most probably be coming from other places, like what was formally known as the Soviet Union and the Middle East.

“A united Europe is better able to defend themselves against threats that are more real in the 21st century.”

Dave Calvert, 20, a student and cleaner at Nandos from Longsight, said: “Best sticking to our own currency and keeping our own economy.

“Sort out our own problems, not waste time with the rest of Europe.”

Errol Thompson, 52, unemployed from Old Trafford, had a strong stance and said: “We’re better off without them.”

Angolan-born Zola Amor Jose, 32, a forklift truck driver, said: “We should remain part of the European Union, just don’t change the currency!”

Pret A Manger worker Jana Vihnalikova, 26, who was born  in the Czech Republic, said: “I think we should be independent, when the Czech Republic split from Slovakia we got to keep our currency and Slovakia were given the euro.

“We don’t want the euro it is a very bad thing.”

Andrew McLaughlin, 42, a gardener from Wales said: “No, we should not remain in the EU. An occult called the Freemasons controls the government and we need to be freed of this ‘New World Order’.”

Michael Wright, 31, a lawyer from Sale said: “It’s beneficial for us to stick with them for trade purposes. And Britain made certain promises to the EU, the UK should abide by their promises.”

Tariq Ali, 26, a Palestinian barman said: “England is a strong country and could stand on its own, we do not need to be part of Europe.”

Image courtesy of Sky News via Youtube, with thanks

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