Stockport teen bags World Para Alpine Championships silver in first race on snow

Stockport teenage para skier Charlie Muston won a silver medal in his first ever race on snow at the Delancey World Para Alpine Championships in Tignes on Saturday.

The 15-year-old, led by his guide Jennifer Kehoe, recorded a combined time of 1:46.51 in the men’s Slalom Visually impaired category.

Throughout the Championships, which ran from March 31-April 1, racers competed in a range of different categories and featured Paralympians all the way through to youngsters experiencing their first big event.

Muston has an International Paralympic Committee classification of B2, and the racer claimed his first time on the piste was one to remember.

“I really enjoy it, being here at this event is such a good experience,” said Muston, who also came fourth in the Giant Slalom event on Sunday.

“It’s my first race on snow so it’s really good practice and it’s a really good atmosphere.

“It’s pretty special to come here and get down the mountain, it was pretty scary on the Giant Slalom but it was good fun.

“My first run was a little bit slow, it was quite foggy so I couldn’t really see, and my vision was at its worst.

“Second run was a bit faster as it had cleared up a bit, and I could see much better.

“We would like to continue doing these outdoor races, it really tests you, the course is much longer than indoors.

“My school mates are all so interested in what I’m doing and are always a bit jealous of me going off.

“I go to Manchester Grammar and they are really supportive of my skiing. I’ve got my GCSEs next year so I think I will tone racing down slightly.”

For the Giant Slalom race, only the third time Muston had gone down a real mountain, he was led by Jim Gibb, who claimed that guiding Muston down the slope was extremely gratifying.

“It’s very rewarding and really good fun,” said Gibb, who has been skiing for 50 years.

“To ski down a mountain, guiding someone who is visually impaired and maybe has deafness and other disabilities.

“It’s such a good feeling to help someone do something they really enjoy, and I really enjoy it too. It’s a win.

“Charlie and I just came together a couple of days ago and that’s the first race we’ve ever entered so we did really, really well.”

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