Smells like team spirit: Two ‘stinky’ Stockport County fans told to ‘wash and change clothes’ in note stuck on seat

By Kenny Lomas

Two ‘smelly’ Stockport County fans have been told to ‘have a good wash and change your clothes,’ in a letter found stuck to a seat at Edgeley Park ground yesterday.

It’s not known who the letter is referring to, but the writer claims to represent a number of Stockport County season ticket holders.

The letter begins: “To: The two guys in black leather jackets who have recently started sitting in some of these seats.

“Sorry. There’s no way to put this without hurting your feelings, but one or both of you stinks and it is ruining the experience of those around you.”

Nick Shepherd, an employee for CGC Catering who caters for Stockport County, claims to have found the letter in the main stand of the ground: “I was going to do a stock take on Monday morning. I was opening up and I seen it stuck to a seat, so I thought I’d just re-tweet it.

“I’m not a football fan myself so I can’t really comment on whether these accusations are true.”

THE COLD, HARD TRUTH: Letter found on some seats left by Stockport fans

The letter caused quite a stir with fellow Tweeters, and Nick was quite surprised by the reaction: “I was massively surprised. I was especially surprised to see the amount of re-tweets I got and the amount of re-tweets those who are re-posting it are getting.

Speaking on Twitter, @MartAtHome wrote: “@Nick_Sheps found about some rather pungent fans… Full marks to whoever wrote it.”

While Nick sees the funny side, he admits that the letter is a tad insensitive, although he does sympathise with the fans who wrote it.

“I think it was a bit harsh but it’s fair enough because I wouldn’t like to be in the fans situation having to put up with that,” he said. We reached out to Stockport County to find out their hygiene policy but have yet to hear back.”

MM are waiting to hear back from Stockport County to see if they have a hygiene policy.

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