‘A change is coming’: LCB show support for Greater Manchester Cricket League

The Lancashire Cricket Board has announced its support for a Greater Manchester cricket league after the unveiling of the league’s prospectus at Old Trafford on Thursday night.

Around 50 clubs are predicted to sign up to the league initially, which will replace established leagues across the county and operate with a multi-division structure.

Bobby Denning, the managing director of the LCB, told MM of the organisation’s backing for the plans, but stressed that neither his organisation nor the England Cricket Board have influenced the decision to create the league.

“Our support is based on the thorough, open and transparent process the steering group has taken,” Denning said.

“The league is supported by both organizations [the LCB and ECB] based on change being wanted by the most important people, the clubs and the players.”

The prospect of the league has been met with a mixed response since it was first proposed six months ago, and many of clubs opted to wait until Thursday’s prospectus launch to decide whether to join.

The steering  committee chairman Martin Kay explained last night why he thought the league could be a success and also confirmed that the league would be funded by “massive sponsorship”.

“This will be the strongest offer out there,” he said.

“I am bold enough to say this because it beats everything else by a mile.

“A change is coming. It’s what it is going to look like we are not sure about.”

The Greater Manchester Cricket League later stated on their Twitter account that, should the league be as successful as they hope, it could go on to become one of the biggest in the country.

Main image courtesy of Lancashire Cricket TV via YouTube, with thanks.

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