World Cup 2018: An etiquette guide for watching England in public

The 2018 World Cup will be showing on numerous outdoor screens and pubs across Manchester in June and July, but what you really need to know is how to conduct yourself during this football-mad period!

Ah, the World Cup. Most countries call this a chance to watch their national squad potentially take home the trophy for this monumental event which takes place every four years.

However, us English folk tend to be just a tad less optimistic. It’s been a long wait since our last victory in 1966, but maybe, just maybe, 2018 will be the year we’ve been waiting for.

As we all know, there’s a big difference from watching the action at home as opposed to when in public, so we’re here to give a few useful etiquette tips for those maybe watching for the first time in a group.

1. Shout a lot

Sure, the players and referees probably can’t hear you all the way from Russia, but there’s still a chance, right?

Shout at the linesman when he calls offside (even if you know it was), shout at Harry Kane when he should have passed rather than take a shot at goal, and even shout at Gareth Southgate when he doesn’t use the formation you think he should.

Of course, don’t forget to cheer if England do score! In short, use your voice.

2. Dispense advice to your neighbour

Whether you know them or not, the person sitting next to you will inevitably become your co-commentator as you call the match.

You’ve got to show your expertise in international football and give hints whenever possible. For example: “Raheem Sterling’s lively enough, but his end product is shocking in this game!” or “Dele Alli is holding onto the ball far too long. Switch it!”

Whatever your point might be, your neighbour needs to hear it.

3. Display your national pride

We know Manchester loves its football, so if you’re not supporting England with some sort of physical appearance, then are you really supporting them at all?

You need to bring as much national pride as you can carry. We’re talking official football shirts, flags, face paint, those giant hats that totally ruin the view for the person behind you, and those shutter shades in red and white colours.

If you and a friend are watching the matches at a public square in Manchester, visit here first and you could even get your own deckchairs printed with the Saint George’s Cross, or Harry Kane holding up the World Cup trophy if you want to believe wholeheartedly.

4. Know the schedule like the back of your hand

This is what separates the pros from the amateurs. You need to know who is playing who at every point, and which other teams are in our group (Belgium, Panama and Tunisia).

England’s first match is on Monday June 18 against Tunisia, so if you ask someone: “Where are you watching the match on Monday?” and they reply: “What match?” then give them the cold shoulder and ask a true fan instead.

Learn the schedule over here.

So, that’s it! Shout loud, give advice, wear your England shirt and know the team’s schedule better than your own. Come on lads!

Image courtesy of Richard Matthews via Flickr, with thanks.

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