‘Just a big useless lump of lard’: Manchester’s Tyson Fury claims undefeated record down to ‘gypsy curse’

Manchester’s British and European boxing champion Tyson Fury has claimed his undefeated record must be down to a ‘gypsy curse’ he’s inflicting on all his opponents.

In a typically brazen interview, Fury’s tongue-in-cheek comments suggest he has ‘fluked’ his way to an unbeaten record.

The Wythenshawe-born boxer claims the only reason he has not been beaten is due to luck and the mystery ‘curse’.

I watch my fights back and no wonder people give me stick,” Fury told British Boxers. “I’m just useless – just a big useless lump of lard,” 

“But wait a minute… I always win.”

Fury goes on to say that all his success as an amateur and 22 victories as a pro must be a ‘fluke’. He said: “This man here, the big gyppo from Manchester, the fat bastard.

“It must be the gypsy’s curse that I’m putting on all opponents. It’s why I’m undefeated and why I’m so out of shape and clumsy and slow fat and slow and chinny but I manage to keep winning.

“God is on my side and I have a gypsy’s curse on everybody who faces me.”

The outspoken heavyweight will be looking to keep his undefeated  record in tact when he faces Zimbabwian-born Dereck Chisora at the Phones 4u Arena for the second time in July .



Back in March he stunned a room full of journalists at a press conference for the Chisora fight when he flipped over a table and walked out, moments after giving his opening statement.

Fury insists the next time they meet to talk to the press will be a far more serious affair.

“I’m going to punch his head in this time. No tables, one little wrong word from him I’m going to pull my shirt off and say ‘let’s get on that grass there you,’ that’s what I’ll do.”

When the pair met at Wembley in 2011, Fury was victorious on points and ahead of their second clash, has labeled Chisora ‘a bum’.

“I’m expecting he will bring his A-game this time when he brought his C-game last time or whatever it was,” Fury said.

“I’ll be needing plenty of luck for the fight, if I’m to get past that tough man Dereck Chisora, who’s such a great boxer. Such a great fighter I am shitting myself.

“I will say I’m absolutely bring it. The look on his big fat ugly face, makes me so scared that slapping power he’s got.

“Dereck Chisora is a bum. I’m the best heavyweight in the world by 25 miles.”

The controversial doesn’t stop there, taking aim at the undefeated American, Deontay Wilder.

“Deontay Wilder is a chinless piece of shit. He’s in front of my little toe when it’s got dog shit on it as I’m walking through the grass,” he said.

“All these heavyweights are shit, you’re looking at the savior. I’m the fucking man, always have been, always will be.”

Fury also admits he would love to get his hands on world champion Wladimir Klitschko but believes the Ukrainian will not want to face him in the ring.

“If I ever get hold of Wladimir though I will smash him in bits,” Fury joked. “He’s a shithouse – he wouldn’t spar his shadow.

“Klitschko you’re getting knocked out you fucking prick.”

Image courtesy of British Boxing, via YouTube, with thanks.

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