Old Trafford Stadium Manchester.

Manchester United fans plan protest against Glazer ownership

Manchester United fans have taken to social media this week to organise another protest against the club’s ownership by the Glazer family.

Thousands of supporters have tweeted using the hashtag #GlazersOut to voice their frustration at the consistent mismanagement by the American billionaire businessmen, who bought the club in 2004.

This comes after United’s dramatic 5-0 thrashing by Liverpool last month and a 2-0 defeat in the Manchester derby on Saturday (6 November).

The club are currently in £419.5m of net debt, according to their most recent financial report published in September.

There is also continued anger over the current state of the so-called Theatre of Dreams.

Images released earlier this year showed a leaking roof and the stadium has been described as rusty and rotting by ex-United player and Sky Sports pundit Gary Neville.

Images of the #GlazersOut hashtag set against the symbolic green and gold background are rife on Twitter as fans give a nod to the club’s history to protest its future.

Many fans urged potential protesters to remain peaceful to prevent a repeat of the scenes from the earlier this year when hundreds of fans stormed the pitch, leading to the team’s clash with Liverpool being postponed.

Green and gold are the colours of the club when it was known as Newton Heath before becoming Manchester United in 1902.

As well as supporters venting their anger at the way the club is being run, many of them are also calling for manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer to be replaced.

Tweets using the hashtag #OleOut have increased dramatically since the start of the season, as the Red Devils go through a particularly difficult spell.

There were more than 14,000 tweets using the hashtag on Monday (8 November) alone.

Despite an encouraging 3-0 win against Tottenham Hotspur in October, the team has only registered one Premier League win in their last six games.

They narrowly avoided embarrassment several times with returning legend Cristiano Ronaldo scoring late goals in both their recent Champions League games against Italian side Atalanta.

Twitter user @Hunain1878 said: “If they sack Ole we still aren’t just going to forget how incompetent this board is.

“They’ve lowered the standards of this club so much I can barely even recognise it’s United anymore.”

Even with the team’s recent dip in form and the clear frustration from many supporters, the club have no plans to replace manager Solskjaer, according to Sky Sports.

Speaking following their loss to Manchester City on Saturday, Neville suggested a decision would not be made until after the departure of executive vice-chairman Ed Woodward at the end of the year.

Despite the current state of the club – who are currently sixth in the Premier League table – Solskjaer still has many loyal fans who believe sticking with him is the right thing to do.

Twitter user @MufcWonItAll said: “I’ve attended every single #GlazersOut protest at Old Trafford but I will NOT attend a protest that includes Ole Out.”

The protest is being organised to take place at Old Trafford stadium on 13 November at 3pm.

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10 November 2021 8:24 am

Why don’t these protesters not find another club to support, i mean they’ve blamed everything and everyone so far for top4 / serial QF and SF losers united’s poor performances…this is new territory 4 me, the owners, the board, the CEO…this even beats the grey kits EXCUSE v Saints at the Dell…yip, never a Dell, oops, dull moment with united fans

Micheal dawson
Micheal dawson
Reply to  Riaz
10 November 2021 4:25 pm

Your not a united fan if you support the glazers . Sorry riaz your either a simpleton or a rival fan

10 November 2021 4:19 pm

standards have dropped because of these owners . i have supported this club for 42 yrs its a disgrace to see where there takeing this club down after sir alex made it the best club in the world

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13 November 2021 2:29 pm

Greatest of English football thats who we are sounds like your a plastic city fan Riaz. the #glazersout have taken nearly 2 billion out of the club and left old trafford to rot the incompetance of the board is unbelieveable from renewing phil jones contract for 5 years even though he hasnt really played in 3 years always injured to signing vdb and sancho and appointing a manager who has no cv, to the biggest club in football, and not playing them.the glazers bought the club as a cash cow they dont care about winning trophies its all about getting top4 and the champions league money so to say united fans blame the decline on everything you obviously know f all about football weve had to watch our club fall dramatically since SAF left and all of it because of the glazers who have put people in charge of a football club who know nothing about football and until they are ousted nothing will change

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