Spotland Secrets: Get to know Rochdale’s versatile midfielder Peter Vincenti

MM is getting to know the Rochdale players that little bit better this season and this week we caught up with Dale’s versatile midfield man Peter Vincenti.

MM: What has been the best moment in your career?

Vincenti: I’d probably say playing at Wembley ranks up there it was in the FA Trophy for Stevenage in 2009 we beat York City 2-0.

MM: What has been the worst moment of your career?

Vincenti: I’ve not had too many, I’ve had a few sendings off like against Bury earlier in the season that was a derby and a big crowd so that was probably one of the worst.

I felt that was harsh it is too easy to book people nowadays my second booking wasn’t a bad tackle it was just a trip!

But in terms of lowest moments I’ve been quite lucky really so probably the sendings off.

MM: Who is the toughest opponent you have ever faced?

Vincenti: Dimitar Berbatov when I played against Man Utd for Aldershot, we just couldn’t get the ball off him! Berbatov was just on another level it was just a joke. They were all good, I tried giving Michael Owen a few kicks but I couldn’t get near him.

MM: What is the best stadium you have ever played at?

Vincenti: I would have to say Wembley.

MM: What do you like to do away from football?

Vincenti: Just relax really, Me and Ollie (Lancashire), Matty (Done), Rosey (Michael Rose) and Hendo (Ian Henderson) go for coffee at the Trafford Centre and just chill out.

I play golf when I can, I play on my Xbox (and) get wound up with Call of Duty and start throwing a few things! So that sort of stuff really.

MM: What was the last song you bought or downloaded?

Vincenti: Probably Paolo Nutini’s new song was the last one I downloaded.

MM: What was the last film you saw?

Vincenti: The Wolf of Wall Street.

MM: And finally if you could go out for a drink with five celebrities, who would you pick?

Vincenti: David Beckham, I wouldn’t mind having a drink with him. Leonardo di Caprio, he’d be alright. Probably Barack Obama that would be quite interesting could have an interesting chat with him about politics. I’m a massive fan of The Killers so I’d have Brandon Flowers in there and I’m going to put a bird in there for a bit of eye candy.

(Pauses for several seconds) It’s hard, I want somebody who’s got a bit about them and who’s got a bit of banter but you don’t know them do you?

I’ll go for Nicole Scherzinger she’d have a few stories I reckon she’d down a pint and she’d be a laugh I think.

Image courtesy of Mark Stevenson via YouTube, with thanks.

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