Listen: The MM Sports Podcast – episode one

Here it is sports fans: the first episode of the new and as-yet-untitled MM sports podcast.

With so much going on the sporting world our sports team – Jack Tooth, Milly McEvoy, Robyn Davidson, Oscar Maung-Haley, Cal Gaunt and Kent Lawlor – join Andrew Greaves to chew over the big issues.

In this pilot episode we look at the odds on a new man at the helm at Salford City FC, disect the Premier League’s plans to charge £14.95 PER GAME for such blockbuster matches as next Monday’s West Brom v Burnley clash and investigate whether cricket and rugby have an issue with class.

The team also look at the differences in latter stages ofmen’s and women’s tennis grand slams and try to work out how the hell Cristiano Ronaldo has managed to catch the dreaded ‘rona!

Click below to listen…

Photo by Bahram Jamalov from Pexels

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