Spotland Secrets: What’s up Joe? Get to know young Rochdale striker Bunney

This season MM is getting to know the Rochdale players a little bit better, this week we caught up with 20-year-old striker Joe Bunney.

MM: What has been the best moment of your career?

Bunney: The best moment of my career so far would have to be my debut for Rochdale last year, coming from non-league, it was quite funny to be fair because the week before I was playing in front of a hundred people and the week after I was playing in front of three or four thousand and I scored with my first touch against Plymouth.

MM: Who is the toughest opponent you have ever faced?

Bunney: The strongest I have ever come up against is probably Guy Branston for Plymouth centre-half he has been around a long time and he’s probably the toughest opponent I’ve come up against strength wise.

MM: Who is your footballing hero?

Bunney: I always watched Alan Shearer and Dennis Bergkamp. I just think Alan Shearer was a clinical finisher and being a striker that’s always good to watch but Dennis Bergkamp could create things also some of the goals he scored like that one at Newcastle everyone remembers it was unbelievable. 

MM: Who is your best friend in football?

Bunney: A lad called Sam Egerton who is playing in non-league at Northwich Victoria, other than that Lee Ashcroft used to be my old manager (at Northwich) who got me here where I am today.

MM: What is the best stadium you have ever played at?

Bunney: I played at St James’ Park for England schoolboys.

MM: What do you like to do away from football?

Bunney: I like to socialise with my friends just normal stuff really play on the Xbox take the dog for a walk, nothing crazy.

MM: What was the last song you bought or downloaded?

Bunney: It was the song at the top of the charts Route 94 My Love.

MM: What was the last film you saw?

Bunney: The last film I saw was Double Jeopardy recommended by Cav (Peter Cavanagh) and it was at Exeter City away, he told me to watch it and I was quite impressed actually.

MM: Finally if you could invite five celebrities out for a drink who would you pick?

Bunney: Five celebrities… I’m not sure really.

MM: A lot of people tend to say David Beckham.

Bunney: Yeah but being a City fan I’m not sure I’d want him in there. Lee Evans would have to come in, I’m a big fan of Lee Evans. Cameron Diaz would have to come along and we’ll bring Mario (Balotelli) along as well for a bit of banter and probably Liam and Noel Gallagher as well.

Image courtesy of Nike football via YouTube, with thanks.

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